The easy and quick way to launch your course or online resources

Are you a specialist who provides support and development for your clients or subscribers? Do you already have many digital resources or learning materials that your clients can benefit from? This Course Creation Accelerator is the perfect solution to get your sellable online course up and running in a couple of weeks. Our consultants and technical development team will provide the strategic support to launch your course on your own branded platform, and most importantly – they will build a done-for-you branded home page and course page so that you can start making course sales immediately with confidence and ease.

What Other Course Creators Say?

“I’ve been online for a few years now and have wanted to give back but had no idea how to do so until I met DiscoverChange. Working with them to create a clear strategy to get the job done made the whole process so much easier. As a result of the project, I’ve been able to launch a range of products to help people get themselves online with their own eCommerce company. One of the best things about working with DiscoverChange is how easy they made the whole process, and being able to take ideas stuck in my head and turn them into a reality is fantastic and will allow me to go from strength to strength. I’d recommend DiscoverChange to anyone looking to take action in their business.”

The Course Creation Accelerator Includes:

Bespoke and strategic support for 30 days to design a course that impresses and sells

  • Course Creation Guide & Resources

    Step-by-step guidance to design your course curriculum, customer journey, resources and sales page (Week 1)

  • One-to-one Strategy Session

    3-Hour private one-to-one strategy session to design and refine your course curriculum and sales page (Week 1)

  • Done-for-you Course Sales Page

    Fully branded and refined course sales page done by our development team (Week 2)

  • Course Creation Technical Steps

    Step-by-step and bitesize technical training for creating your course in easy and quick steps (Week 3)

  • One-to-one Digital Development Session

    2-Hour one-to-one support session with a course developer to help finish and publish your course curriculum and sales page (Week 3)

  • Review & Marketing Strategy

    1-Hour one-to-one consultation to refine the marketing and sales strategy for your course (Week 4)

The Course Creation Accelerator

4-Week Package: £1,395

Do you have a course idea or existing learning materials?

It can be exciting to plan your course, however often it is the technical and digital aspect that leaves many great courses unpublished. But don’t leave your valuable resources sitting on the shelf or in your mind, especially when you know that your ideal clients would truly benefit from getting their hands on your resources and knowledge. This fast-tracked way to create and publish your course is by far the quickest, most efficient and most enjoyable way to start providing online learning.

Get the Following BONUSES:

When you join the Course Creation Accelerator, you get the following bonuses:

  • Guide – Digital Growth Strategies

    Quick tips to streamline your brand, grow online and create digital education solutions

  • 2h Business Strategy Workshop

    Design a purposeful business strategy to build and grow your business online

  • 2h Personal Branding Workshop

    Get the tools to position your brand and business online to attract the right audience now

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Suman launches her first courses within a few days

Share your valuable knowledge and resources with the world!

Having your own online course means that you can help people all over the world. You have knowledge and skills that benefit others, and in this Course Creation Accelerator, you will get all the tools and guidance to put these into a valuable online course or programme. You can create a truly memorable journey and experience for your customers, members or subscribers – and with your course and education platform in place, you can truly increase the positive impact and value for your target audience. You will also be able to make unlimited course sales, as your newly published package can be sold 24/7 without interruption.