Programme Overview (£3,295)

3 Months Personalised Sessions. Includes: 2 monthly meetings (1h each), 2 monthly accountability calls (30 mins), Self-discovery Workbook

  • Self & Leader Analysis

    Discover your personality and leader character and powerfully boost your motivation to become the best in your field! Discover your unique strengths and create a truly fulfilling career or business. It’s all about becoming confident in yourself and your offer!

  • Mindset & Potential

    Boost your Success Mindset by discovering powerful (yet practical) ways to tackle ANY challenge, negativity or problem on this journey to long-term success and happiness. You’ll be incredibly confident and resilient to pursue your ambitions, and embrace that you have limitless potential!

  • Goal Setting & Productivity

    Remove procrastination and maintain high levels of productivity. Feel the sense of constant growth! Goal setting isn't about working harder, it's about working smarter, and with the skills you learn you will be able to achieve your ambitions highly efficiently.

How is coaching beneficial?

Our approach to coaching is all about you identifying and leveraging your strengths and working towards your goals in a strategic and efficient way. By strengths we mean areas in your life that excite you and where you feel like you’re in your element! But achieving this also often requires a mindset shift or change, as without this it’s all too easy to end up procrastinating or feeling frustrated for not progressing quickly enough. Although working at speed isn’t necessarily a solution, coaching helps to fast track achieving your true desires much quicker – and with much more direction and enjoyment.


“Susanne and I have worked together a few times, before we did a personal development program and now the business development course. I chose Susanne as my coach because I needed someone strong enough to work with my personality. She has definitely managed to hold my attention and keep me focused. She is very skilled and not afraid to go deep. Highly recommend.”

Shanta Allen

“Great passionate individual, it has been a pleasure working with Susanne of DiscoverChange Ltd, she truly knows how to unleash the entrepreneur within you. Susanne has really helped me with strategising and defining my Business and services. Giving me the correct mindset to set goals and hit targets. Susanne has helped me turn my business around making it a true success. Can't thank you enough.”

Tyrell Wilson

“It has been a great experience working with Susanne. She has helped me to realise my key strength and using those strength to develop a robust business. Taking up the 1-2-1 business coaching with Susanne has definitely exposed me to a lot of things I can do to turn my business into a success. Susanne is passionate about her work, she is very realistic and focused. Thank you Susanne for being an inspiration to other women.”

Favour Bolaji