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Progress comes with change! Our mission is to enable you to create the change you desire in your personal life and business. To facilitate this transformation, we provide a range of development coaching and business growth resources.

Discover Digital - Join Our Free Webclass

Blueprint to Build, Grow & Scale Your Business Online

In this webclass you will discover multiple strategies, tools and ideas to build your digital business and reach your ideal customers online. Includes practical tools that are immediately and easily implementable in your business. Perfect if you're looking to promote and sell your services digitally!

5 Step Strategy to Achieve Your Business Vision

Free Mini-Course Immediately Available

Do you have an existing business or a big business idea that you’re ready to take to the next level? In this course you get quick tips, motivation and strategies to fast-track your business progress and growth. You will discover a strategic approach to market and sell your services online – we aim to make this process as efficient and enjoyable as possible! You also get many bonuses!

Learn Business on the Go

Listening to audiobooks is a great way to learn and get motivated, and to spend time effectively while commuting or doing other tasks! Audible by Amazon is one of the most popular options, with a free book every month.

Start Creating Your Own Online Courses

Do you have specialist knowledge in a certain industry or field?

You can now convert your knowledge into professional and valuable online workshops or courses. The best part of providing your training online is that you can reach your audience all over the world and make sales 24/7, without even being there!

The New Woman - Now Available

An empowering anthology featuring 33 women from 5 continents sharing their stories of transformation - including Susanne, the founder of DiscoverChange. The stories within this book illustrate how the women became broken and in their journey of repair, they have found golden threads that have made them whole again. As they transform, they are even more beautiful and have learned to know their value.

What are some reasons that strategic business planning is important?

There are great benefits to planning, refining and scaling your business. Here are some reasons why it's essential:

  • Your revenue is directly dependent on how many people you help. By setting up the right strategy and leveraging the most meaningful marketing methods, the rewards are ready for you to reap.

  • When you notice you’ve had great ideas for months or years (or even decades), but hardly anything in your life has changed because of procrastinating, doubting or underestimating yourself.

  • In contrast, you may be working incredibly hard and doing everything and anything, with no or little actual rewards to show for it – ending up feeling overworked and frustrated.

  • Your business idea could be THE ONE that makes all the difference, but many business leaders are not clear about how to refine and showcase their services with confidence and clarity.

  • Despite their best efforts, many business owners struggle to grow their business because of not having the right processes, team or advertising strategy in place. So even when the product is excellent, growth can be very challenging or slow.

  • Many people invest unnecessary amounts of money on business processes and marketing that NEVER bring any customers or return on investment. Only meaningful processes should be planned for.

  • Despite offering great services and value, many entrepreneurs are not confident or have too much self-doubt, resulting in confusion about how to promote and sell to the right target market.