What Does the Package Consist of?

Special Offer - Now Only £50 (Normal £97)

After submitting the one-off payment and your specific requests, you will receive 1 video animation - within 3 working days. This includes an animated logo and/or tagline, with or without preset background music. Below are examples, tailored for our client's business needs. You will be provided with an animation suitable to your "theme", and you may select colours that represent your brand. These are the details you would submit alongside your logo.

Special Logo Animation

Branded 5-15s video, with:

  • Logo animation
  • Tagline
  • Background music (can be opted out)
  • (1 revision if applicable)
  • Stand Out from the Crowd!

    What Happens After Purchase?

    This is an easy and quick way to make immediate improvements in your branding and marketing. You submit your business details you want to use in the animation, including your logo and your tagline. You will receive the animation within 3 working days, and you will receive the video straight into your email. This short branded video can be used in many ways, such as on intro or outro of your videos or on your Facebook page banner, giving a great impression to your customers.