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Discover the Digital Innovation Blueprint to Grow Your Business Online (75 Min Webclass)

  • Fast-Track Business Growth

    Save a great deal of time and resources by having marketing and sales processes automated. With the right system, growth potential is limitless!

  • Supercharge Your Productivity

    Maintain high levels of motivation, focus and productivity to achieve your big goals, and remove any limitations out of your way.

  • Help More People

    Instead of spending all your time helping people one by one, digital systems and products can enable you to help more people, even worldwide.

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In the Webclass you will discover The Digital Innovation Blueprint to grow your business strategically, without needing to become a "tech expert".

You Will Discover How To:

  • Eliminate confusion about how to best use digital tools and platforms

  • 4 Steps to create immediate positive change in your business

  • Strategies for automating repeat tasks and marketing and sales processes

  • Simple and immediately implementable digital process for growing your business online

  • The digital system that attracts and automatically brings your ideal customers

  • Create digital information products without having to become a "tech expert"

  • How to create digital information products and promotional content with ease

Digital Development Is Ideal If You Are:

  • Starting or have already started to build your online business
  • Looking to promote and sell your products and services online
  • Changing or tweaking your business to start selling more online
  • Already promoting online but not getting the desired results
  • Building a large business or empire and want to automate sales
  • Specialist in your field and want to be known for what you do
  • Wanting to make a big difference and help more people online
  • Looking to impress your customers with your brand
  • What Our Customers Say

    “Amazing session, found it so valuable to really get focused on my next steps to kickstart my digital course creation! Jam packed with key ideas and focus areas for clarity. I always love DiscoverChange workshops, I take away so many valuable tools, tips and business strategies as well. I look forward to joining the next one! ”

    Suman Manghra

    “It was another great session by DiscoverChange. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my journey especially in the area of creating online courses. I love the technical session done by Ed. He made online course creation look so simple. ”

    Favour Bolaji

    “Great session as always. What I love about these sessions are that no matter where we are in our business journey, we are constantly evolving and learning. Great tips, value and inspiration to move to the next level!”

    Pam Shergill

    “Today's session was very informative, a lot of takeaways. I found it beneficial because I didn't know I had money blockages. I loved the message about rewiring our mindset for success. Thank you everyone for putting this together.”

    Sukhi Kaur

    Are Some Projects Taking Too Long to Finish?

    Developing branding, marketing, sales and fulfilment processes is exciting, but it can also become very time-consuming. Finishing sales funnels, courses and marketing campaigns can linger for months, even years. We are here to remove all the guesswork and confusion from digital development, so that you can have your sites and services up and running with purpose, consistency and ultimate efficiency. Instead of months or years, your system can be ready in weeks!

    Discover Digital - Join Now

    Get the tools to fast-track your business growth

    What is DiscoverChange?

    Creating Positive Transformation

    DiscoverChange is a business development consultancy providing a range of solutions and transformational development for businesses, entrepreneurs and groups. Our mission is to support businesses and leaders to strategise, streamline and scale with ultimate efficiency. To help to accelerate innovation and digitalisation we offer consulting, training workshops, professional speaking, done-for-you business systems, and online events and workshops.

    Discover Digital - Join Now

    Get the tools to fast-track your business growth

    Meet Your Facilitator: Susanne Virtanen

    Susanne Virtanen, the founder of DiscoverChange, provides a range of training, consulting and systems development for businesses, charities and leader groups. She also delivers online workshops and bespoke programmes for training providers and universities. Susanne's mission is to support leaders and organisations to create positive and efficient transformation and to be able to adapt and scale strategically, all while providing great value for their customers.