Evolving Leaders Membership (£35/Month)

2 x Online Business Masterminds (Per Month) + Development Resources + Digitalisation Strategies + 30-Day Business Transformation Book

  • Innovate Online

  • Scale With Systems

  • Give Excellent Value

  • Achieve Your Vision

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner looking to:

  • Reach a new profound level in life and business?

  • Resolve any challenges or limitations as quickly as possible?

  • Run a business you truly enjoy operating?

  • Have automated systems to scale your business?

  • Comfortably discuss your ambitions and ideas?

  • Build an empire that could change the way a sector or even an entire industry works?

“Today’s meeting was very thought provoking and I loved meeting different people at different stages in their businesses.”

Time to build the environment that enables you to achieve your ambitions!

The most successful business owners accept that taking massive action is the most important part in achieving greatness, however this action must be strategically planned and implemented so that it doesn't take many stressful and confusing years. DiscoverChange Team's mission is to support leaders create powerful impact in their business and consequently grow, scale and reach new heights NOW! Strategic and focused action leads to Great results!

“Great session, thank you. As always, some great notes and actions to takeaway that will help me to get out of my comfort zone and grow my business.”

Membership Overview (£35/Month)

2 Monthly Online Meetings + 30-Day Business Transformation Book & Videos

  • 2 monthly masterminds to connect with other leaders and learn new personal and business development strategies (every 1st & 3rd Tuesday 19:00-20:30 GMT UK)

  • Comprehensive resources and support to achieve your business vision with confidence and efficiency

  • Access to a discussion forum to support with digital development tips and answers to member questions

  • eBook 30-day business transformation with daily steps to accelerate innovation and achieve your vision

  • Learn from guest speakers that give valuable advice on the most relevant business development topics

  • Access to webinar recordings and other DiscoverChange resources

The membership is ideal for:

Driven leaders looking to accelerate their learning and business growth and connect with other like-minded people

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Changemakers
  • Thought leaders
  • Business leaders
  • Project managers
  • “Very informative and beneficial mastermind. It has given me the motivation to just get something done no matter how small. Thank you for this much-needed push in the right direction.”

    Do you want to fast track achieving your vision and ambitions?

    Business growth and scaling is about effectively resolving problems and challenges at the level you are. Each level brings a set of new challenges and the faster you resolve them, the quicker you can enjoy the great rewards of running your own business. If you are an ambitious leader and business owner, you already know that your decision making determines the direction and results of your business. With our resources you will build very strong foundations, including branding and processes, as well as promote the opportunity to work with you in a very strategic, efficient and focused way.

    Previous Sessions Include:

    Every mastermind session we focus on immediate business improvement strategies

    • Unleash Your Leadership Potential

    • Business Analysis & Improvement Plan

    • Convert Problems into Opportunities

    • Showcase Your Brand & Values

    • Strategic Business Relationships

    • Product Packaging Online

    Accelerate Your Growth!

    Our regular masterminds and online resources will help you make quick adjustments and improvements to achieve your business goals quicker

    The resources you get show how to add value to your products and services and reach your ideal clients with efficiency and enjoyment - especially online! With the 30-day business transformation e-book and videos, you will be able to quickly identify what action to take to strategically scale and grow. Days of procrastination don't exist here; this is for leaders who just want to get it done!

    “Today’s mastermind meeting as always has inspired me to take action, this time to create my ebook.”

    Upcoming Sessions:

    Our upcoming mastermind meetings and guest speaker topics will include:

    • Progressive Product Ladder

    • Money Goes Where Energy Flows

    • Digitalise Your Customer Welcome

    • Effective Delegation

    • Share Your Transformational Story

    • Full Business Automation

    The great benefits of joining:

    • Develop and maintain absolute focus, confidence and clarity in making your business a real success!

    • 2 monthly online mastermind meetings to provide focus, ideas, strategies and peer support

    • Learn from a range of entrepreneurs and business owners valuable growth strategies and real life stories

    • Comprehensive and 24/7 accessible online resources to help with branding, marketing, sales, fulfilment, digitalisation and more

    • Access to many personal development resources to develop leadership skills and maintain high levels of productivity

    • Exclusive support and guidance to help achieve your business goals with efficiency and enjoyment

    Mastermind Subjects Include:

    Each meeting has a different topic (one of 30) focused on business innovation, growth and transformation

    • Business Development

      Branding, social media posting, Facebook & LinkedIn marketing, digital marketing, sales automation, creating digital products, packaging and pricing, and more!

    • Leader Development

      Personal branding, motivation, confidence, mindset, sales skills, public speaking, goal setting, building a successful infrastructure, and more!

    • Digital Development

      Business automation, lead generation, marketing automation, CRM systems, outsourcing, sales funnels, digital fulfilment systems, and more!

    “Today’s mastermind was energising. The most beneficial thing I learned was that you can post about a product before the product is ready.”

    What happens when you join?

    BONUS: Complimentary access to a mini-course 5 Steps to Achieve Your Big Business Vision

    1. After you sign up for the membership (£35 per month) you will receive immediate access to your eBook and video resources for 30-Day Business transformation.
    2. You can start your leadership and business development immediately or create a schedule that suits your circumstances (you get a separate planning template to use)
    3. You register and join our 2 online mastermind meetings (75 min each) every first and third Tuesday of the month. You can easily add a reminder to your phone so you don't forget to join.
    4. If you miss a mastermind or can't join it for other reasons, you will of course receive access to the recordings so you don't miss out on anything important.
    5. Access to new updates and business growth strategies every month, with relevancy to what currently works well in the market and in the digital world.

    "Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility." - Grant Cardone

    Business development activities examples:

    • Creating new and consistent online profiles

    • Setting up a newsletter to engage with your audience

    • Creating an online information product, such as course or eBook

    • Creating marketing and sales documents you can send your potential customers

    • Developing a keynote or creating videos

    • Refining or reinventing your packaging to match your target audience needs

    “Inspiring masterclass meeting like-minded business owners. I learnt how to do LinkedIn automation.”

    What types of limitations and challenges do leaders and business owners normally face when wanting to grow and scale?

    • Not sure how to get started feeling confused and overwhelmed
    • Doubting if the investment or effort is going to be worthwhile
    • Having lots of ideas, always starting but never finishing anything properly
    • Procrastinating over analysing and overthinking without taking any action
    • Lack of support from team, business partners, own family
    • Only small amount of people know about the great product or service
    • Trying to perfect everything without ever properly launching or selling the product
    • Feeling resentful about using social media to promote and raise awareness
    • Not enough money to invest in new development or software
    • Not wanting to delegate to others but rather try to do everything themselves
    • Doubting if the product or service is good enough to compete in the marketplace
    • Lack of progress is causing feeling demotivated, stressed and defensive
    • Not trusting others to help you or hard to find someone to trust in
    • Not understanding modern technology and digital opportunities
    • Lack of confidence in the world of business, negotiation and publicity

    Susanne Virtanen

    Business Development Consultant at DiscoverChange

    Susanne is a highly experienced business development consultant and qualified trainer and change manager, and she supports leaders and businesses to grow their business with efficiency and enjoyment. With extensive training experience and academic achievements in management, Susanne facilitates powerful workshops to eliminate any barriers and limitations to success, and the transformational programmes enable clients to leverage their talent, passion and skillset NOW. Susanne has delivered a variety of bespoke development programmes for corporations, small businesses, schools, charities and universities.

    What is DiscoverChange?

    Business Development Consultancy

    DiscoverChange workshops, consulting, and bespoke programs accelerate business change, innovation and development. Development helps businesses efficiently transform aspects of the organisation, with the aim to powerfully advance leadership and management and boost customer acquisition and satisfaction. Our team (Susanne, Nessa & Ed) are here to support leaders and businesses achieve their goals with ultimate efficiency and enjoyment!

    Why we developed this membership?

    Our mission is to help leaders achieve their business vision with efficiency and confidence

    Many leaders and businesses provide excellent products and services that can make a big positive impact in people and the world - the world needs great leaders and more people passionate about providing the best! At DiscoverChange we are committed to supporting leaders to accelerate business change, innovation and development so that they can reach and help even more people. We are pleased to have provided consulting and done-for-you digital fulfilment systems for a range of organisations, helping to streamline and add value to products and services to enable growth and scalability. After doing this for years, we have noticed many leaders have similar challenges, such as not sure if the business concept or services are good enough, what are the best digital ways to market and sell their product, how to scale with systems and automation, and getting confident and consistent with online presence. Many of these and other challenges end up consuming energy, time and effort and greatly prolong achieving financial goals and targets. To enable more businesses and leaders achieve their goals and enjoy the work they do, we have put together a great deal of resources and online masterminds to help to simplify solving challenges, keep up with motivation and productivity, and start consistently getting great deals - the ones you've been building up to. These resources are immediately accessible so that you can immediately make improvements in the most strategic, efficient and enjoyable way. Because what's the point if you don't enjoy the journey!

    “Excellent. Understanding the problem and what is stopping me is good to think about. Loved the session about overcoming fear and moving to a growth zone.”

    What is business and leader development and why is it important?

    Business development is about setting up the best possible systems to acquire new customers and maximize the value given to current ones. Identifying and addressing current challenges or gaps in the system helps you to work more efficiently with clarity and focus on how to maximise your marketing and sales activity. With specific actions and a Winner's mindset, you can achieve your business vision and desired lifestyle much quicker and with of course more enjoyment! Leader development is about developing your character and identifying the best decisions to make to become the best and most confident you - which is exactly why your customers buy from you!

    “Fantastic tips today from the main session and the breakouts – lots of simple actions I can start implementing tomorrow.”