Online Marketing & Sales Made Simple

Would you like to be able to generate qualified leads online with ease?

Do you have (or are you planning to have) resources, videos or other content you'd like to share easily with your leads and customers online?

If the answer is yes, we are glad to tell you that this free training workshop shows exactly how to market and sell online - especially using social media. In other words, we are about to create a process that makes online promotion easy and enjoyable! If you have been looking to get new leads and customers, and work smarter and more efficiently, then this workshop is for you.

There Are Many Benefits in Joining:

  • Fast-track business growth

  • Make selling easy

  • Clarity in your offer

  • Scale your lead generation

  • Save lots of time

  • Confidence in sales

What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel is the way you attract customers into your business.

It's how you engage with them to further encourage buying your services and/or products. There are many ways to do this and for each business it will be different.

In practical terms: you offer a customer a valuable and free resource, such as a guide or an ebook, in exchange for their email. You then use this email to follow up with more valuable content and of course give the opportunity to buy your valuable services that could make a difference in their life or business.

Although this may sound simple, for many building and successfully finishing and launching this process can take months (if not years). Our mission is to remove this guesswork and frustration from the process.

In This Workshop You Discover:

  • What is a sales funnel and how you can use it to grow your business

  • How to use social media to generate leads and customers

  • Plan your sales funnel - using your existing resources and services (if any)

  • Start creating your sales funnel online - with guidance on how to write your content

Let's Enjoy the Journey!

Although we take business and quality seriously, at the same time we aim to make the workshop and overall business development and digitalisation a lot of fun. Interestingly, the more fun you have the more successful you tend to be. You'll be surprised how quickly you will learn and be able to create your own sales funnels. It's actually refreshing where you can utilise your creativity and imagination and serve your customers in the best possible way! Your customers will highly appreciate you being able to give them resources 24/7. You are the answer to someone's questions, so let's make sure you're online and available!

About us

DiscoverChange is a business development consultancy providing a range of innovative solutions to help businesses to digitalize, grow and scale. We provide consulting, online courses, business coaching, masterminds, and done-for-you online systems - all to help to make immediate and groundbreaking advancements in branding, marketing, sales, customer engagement, digital products, and business automation.

So if you are looking to strengthen your brand and influence, scale your business, and even reach an international audience, then you are in the right place. We are passionate about innovation, accelerated learning and growth, and helping you become all you can be in this world full of opportunities - given to the ones who are ready to receive them!