What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is at the heart of successful marketing, and it is about refining and strategically and digitally displaying your values, mission, services and other important information that helps your customers make the desired buying decisions. When marketing is done right, making sales becomes easy! To achieve this, your branding must show what you stand for and how you are the BEST person or business to buy from.

Benefits of Personal Branding

This is what you will learn in the workshop...

  • Clarity in your business and how it helps your customers/partners

  • Attractive packaging and pricing of your services

  • Commercialising your unique approach to “doing business”

  • Authentic online presence without pressure or frustration

  • Ease of creating online content – this is a MUST in today’s business world!

  • Strategically presented business information brings the right leads

  • Working only with people or organisations you prefer

  • No need to chase for prospects – they come to you

Personal Branding Workshop + Workbook £70

Discover a Personal Branding System with the following outcomes:

  • Create UNSTOPPABLE confidence and clarity to take the next level in your business
  • Comfortably be your “authentic self” with a clear vision and path to your success
  • Learn how to implement powerful branding concepts into your business NOW
  • Discover how to be the go-to-expert or key person of influence in your field
  • Powerfully enhance the way you display your business, your services and yourself online
  • Leverage easy-to-use templates and structures for creating engaging online content
  • Discover a Client Attraction System to use to digitalise your marketing and sales

Common Challenges with Personal Branding

These branding challenges result in direct difficulties in marketing and sales

  • Not understanding what you stand for, or being hesitant or doubtful about who you are
  • Lack of confidence in yourself and/or the business
  • Overthinking and overanalysing many aspects of your business
  • Reluctancy of “putting yourself out there”
  • Not understanding what your customers really need
  • No or very little online presence
  • There is nowhere to buy your services/products
  • Trying to market and promote hard without actually getting any sales
  • Using all online marketing platforms without getting any results
  • Inconsistent online presence and customer engagement
  • Lack of attractive packaging and pricing of your services
  • Not understanding what your services or products actually do for your customers/partners

If any of these problems sound familiar, don’t worry! We are here to help you remove all these limitations and challenges NOW. With the branding process we’ll share with you in this workshop, you will develop immediate confidence and online content that helps you hit the ground running and reach your target market.

Satish Mehta Says:

“It’s been phenomenal to work with Ed and Susanne on developing my brand, platforms and online courses. With my accountancy background, I’ve learnt how to digitalise my knowledge and help others online.”

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Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is designed for business leaders and owners who are looking to improve and refine their branding and marketing strategy to generate leads and sales more sustainably, particularly online. Professional and consistent online branding is the key for reaching and engaging with your target market, and in this workshop you will discover a simple yet powerful formula to showing your valuable services with authenticity and confidence - without ever having to be a pushy sales person! The session is suitable for leaders and businesses of all levels and sizes, as each leader must be able to make the best possible impression in THEIR MARKET.
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Workshop Agenda:

  • 1


    • Congratulations - Welcome to Personal Branding

    • Instructions

    • Susanne's Story (Optional Session)

  • 2

    Print Your Workbook

    • Personal Branding Workbook

  • 3

    Introduction to course

    • Introduction to Course

  • 4

    20 Minute Pre-Workshop Task

    • Your Personality & Personal Branding (Online test)

  • 5

    Session 1: Branding & Innovation

    • Branding & Innovation

  • 6

    Session 2: Self-Analysis

    • Self-Analysis

  • 7

    Session 3: Your Brand Development

    • Brand Development

  • 8

    Platforms for Branding

    • What Platforms to Use for Branding

  • 9

    Accelerate Your Business Growth

    • Continue Your Development

  • 10

    Books & Tips for Immediate Business Growth

    • Your Brand Development

Tyrell Wilson Says:

"Susanne has really helped me with strategising and defining my business and services, giving me the correct mindset to set and hit targets. She’s helped me turn my business around making it a true success."

What are DiscoverChange workshops like?

DiscoverChange facilitates educative, innovative and motivational workshops where you will receive business growth tools and strategies that are immediately implementable in your business or project. Our workshops are completely different from others, because you get personalised guidance on how to build YOUR business with very practical tools and resources. This also means we use unique resources to discover and leverage your personality and “natural style”. Every business is different - and so is each leader, and with these eye-opening activities you will discover how to get the best out of YOU. You will leave each workshop with clear targets and immediately implementable business strategy. We guarantee that by following these easy-to-implement steps the results you’ve been waiting for are JUST around the corner!

Reviewing DiscoverChange Branding Workshop

“I attended Susanne's business workshop in Warwick yesterday and I can't recommend Susanne and her team enough. I learned so much from her and the guest speakers yesterday and simply too much to list. Susanne is such an authentic individual and is someone who genuinely cares about your business, your self development, and your success. I have always struggled with being confident online, concerning myself with how people perceive me rather than the message I'm trying to deliver. Personally, she helped me recognised that my limitations are are self imposed (and irrational) and that I'm the only one standing in front of my own success. If your a business leader I would highly recommend her workshop.”

Lee Roberts, Project Manager

“Today’s workshop with Susanne was about branding and online marketing, and the session was energising and focused. Before today I wasn’t sure how to connect with my clients, but now I know how to be clear about what value I offer. Sometimes it’s challenging for me to focus and be strategic, and I’ve now realised that systems and processes are my friends. The most useful was to get clearer on the client’s perspective. I am determined to follow through and also do more Facebook lives! Massive thank you Susanne, I give full 5 stars to this session and also recommend it to others.”

Caroline Bublik, Personal Development Coach

“Today’s branding workshop was amazing and I feel motivated. Before I wasn’t sure about outsourcing and content marketing but now, I know to build my business plan. The most useful part for me was social media, because I've never had a strategy. Now I am determined to 10x my business growth. As a facilitator, Susanne is incredible at filling her audience with confidence.”

Anne-Marie Baker, Leadership Trainer

“Susanne Virtanen has such passion to develop business leaders. She has the great gift of making the development of a business strategy fun and exciting in order to generate great self belief to explode our businesses - thank you so much for making such a difference”

Lizzy Bernthal, Speaker & Coach
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Reviewing 121 Business Development Consulting

Susanne Virtanen

Business Development Consultant at DiscoverChange

Susanne is a highly experienced business development consultant and qualified trainer and change manager, and she supports leaders and businesses to grow their business with efficiency and enjoyment. With extensive training experience and academic achievements in management, Susanne facilitates powerful workshops to eliminate any barriers and limitations to success, and the transformational programmes enable clients to leverage their talent, passion and skillset NOW. Susanne has delivered a variety of bespoke development programmes for corporations, small businesses, schools, charities and universities.

What is DiscoverChange?

Business Development Consultancy

DiscoverChange workshops, consulting, and bespoke programs accelerate business change, innovation and development. Development helps businesses efficiently transform aspects of the organisation, with the aim to powerfully advance leadership and management and boost customer acquisition and satisfaction.

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