Today's Guest: Suman Manghra

Discover Suman Manghra's journey within personal and business growth. Suman shares concrete tools, techniques and tips on how to manifest life's desires! She is such a powerful and inspiring speaker and coach and we are excited to see how these tools and techniques can help you transform your life.

What is Leading Conversations?

We bring you guest speakers to share their entrepreneurial journey and growth strategies. Get ideas, strategies and inspiration from entrepreneurs and business owners and their real life experiences, such as how they've overcome big challenges and grown their business. You'll also discover multiple practical ways to market and sell online.

Meet Your Host: Susanne Virtanen

Susanne Virtanen is the founder of DiscoverChange and she is committed to supporting transformational leaders and businesses to make a bigger impact and share their message. Susanne is passionate about personal development and continuous learning and she’s keen to collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs to share strategies and tools that help to succeed in business NOW!