Business Strategy - Create Your Game Changer Plan!

This business strategy workshop and plan will enable you to develop the following, with immediate effect:

  • Clear Vision & Targets Giving Direction and Focus

  • Professional Brand You Can Confidently Present

  • Sustainable Customer Acquisition Process

  • Systematic Marketing & Sales Strategy

  • Financial Acumen & Practical Implementation Plan

  • Online Marketing & Sales Funnels

"The True Entrepreneur is a Doer, Not a Dreamer."

Tyrell Wilson Says:

"DiscoverChange have really helped me with strategising and defining my business and services, giving me the correct mindset to set and hit targets. She’s helped me turn my business around making it a true success."

Who is the Business Strategy Workshop Ideal for?

This session is particularly suitable for you if you are:

  • In the process of building your business
  • Want to grow, expand or scale your business
  • Planning to launch a new campaign, service or product
  • Thinking about starting a business
  • Looking to streamline your business processes
  • Business manager looking to improve business processes

"Think Big, Achieve Big!"

Sarah Potter Says:

"Having being supported by DiscoverChange team to launch my new networking concept, I’ve organised numerous events and I have my website and a membership platform for subscription, meaning my business is now scalable, even to become nationwide!"

Business Strategy Workshop £35

30-Page Workbook + Resources + Several Bitesize Sessions:

  • Brainstorming Business Ideas & Ambitions
  • Staying Productive & Motivated
  • Business Needs, Resources & Expenses
  • Setting Realistic & Achievable Goals
  • Business Analysis & Improvement Plan
  • Powerful & Consistent Branding
  • Marketing & Sales Processes
  • Business Budgeting & Financing

Strategic Approach to Developing & Growing Your Business

Structuring and showcasing your business strategically enables you to reach your ideal customers now! DiscoverChange workshops helps to elevate strategy, branding, marketing, sales, finance and leadership. It's about integrating all these processes and creating big influence in your field so that you are well known for what you do! When your vision and system is clear and properly implemented (and this can be quick when you join our workshop!) your ideal customers will be queuing up to buy from you. In our sessions, your facilitator Susanne ensures that you GET IT DONE, because then you can go out, build your empire and conquer!

Business Strategy Workbook

Get your Business Strategy workbook needed for goals, direction and focus.

Hard work alone won’t guarantee bigger and better results – in fact sometimes it’s quite the opposite. In this course you’ll get immediately implementable strategies to take your ideas and ambitions to the next level NOW! In the digital world, growth potential is limitless so let’s start leveraging the best possible tools. By the end of completing the workshop and your Business Strategy Workbook, you will have your business blueprint ready for launch and growth!

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Quick Introduction

    • Download Your Workbook

    • Susanne's Story (Optional Session)

  • 2


    • Introduction to Business Strategy

  • 3

    Part 1: Business Details

    • Part 1 - Business Details + Resources

  • 4

    Part 2: Business Objectives

    • Part 2 - Business Objectives

  • 5

    Part 3: Reflection & Improvement Plan

    • Part 3 - Reflection + Improvement Plan

    • Extra Task: Insightful Personality Test (for Personal Branding)

  • 6

    Part 4: Branding

    • Part 4 - Branding

  • 7

    Part 5: Marketing Strategy

    • Part 5 - Marketing Strategy

  • 8

    Part 6: Business Budget & Financing

    • Part 6 - Budgeting + Financing

  • 9

    Summary & Reflection

    • Summary + Productivity Tips

  • 10

    Business Growth Tips

    • Personal & Business Development Books

    • Video: What is a Digital Education Platform?

    • Business Growth Workshops

  • 11

    BONUS: Sales Funnel Workshop

    • Handout - Complete during the sales funnel workshop

    • Video: How to Create an Online Sales Funnel

    • Free Guide (template for you to use)

    • Free Sales Funnel Software

  • 12

    Workshop Review

    • Survey

  • 13

    Leading Conversations

    • How to Create a Unique Brand

    • Business Strategies & Motivation

    • Steps to Financial Enlightenment

    • Entrepreneur's Journey

    • How to Fast Track Your Personal Development

    • How to Manifest Your Life's Desires

    • Elevate Your Growth & Money Mindset

    • How Trading Can Change Your Life

    • Continuous Improvement Leads to Success

EmployabilityUK Says:

"It’s been fantastic working with the team and the completed platform reflects the vision we had. We’d highly recommend DiscoverChange to any business looking to develop their online platforms. They completely understand the brief and deliver a fantastic end product."

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By having a strategy for EACH area of your business, you can:

  • Achieve more – quicker – now

  • Identify the true value you bring

  • Stop worrying about using social media

  • Remove fear or dislike of selling

  • Outsource and delegate easily

  • Stop procrastinating

  • Stay motivated and productive

  • Proudly tick things off your list every day!

Susanne Virtanen

Business Development Consultant at DiscoverChange

Susanne is a highly experienced business development consultant and qualified trainer and change manager, and she supports leaders and businesses to grow their business with efficiency and enjoyment. With extensive training experience and academic achievements in management, Susanne facilitates powerful workshops to eliminate any barriers and limitations to success, and the transformational programmes enable clients to leverage their talent, passion and skillset NOW. Susanne has delivered a variety of bespoke development programmes for corporations, small businesses, schools, charities and universities.


“Susanne and her team have a phenomenal support to me in turning my passion into a business. She is so passionate about what she does that it invariably rubs off on you. Her knowledge and encouragement have really helped me to gain clarity and push me forward in my business ventures. I feel so comfortable talking to her and expressing my ideas. Knowing she is just a phone call away for that quick pep talk and check in, is invaluable.”

Janet Ellis

“I have been working with DiscoverChange for nearly 2 years now. DiscoverChange has helped TalentsBrand to implement so many processes in order to effect smart working as well as generating more leads thereby increasing income. Among many processes they have implemented for us are; Email marketing which was set up via Mailchimp and linked it to our website. They also worked on our Facebook page ensuring we follow the right marketing strategies. They did a remarkable work on our training platform. This was created from the scratch and now we have started making sales from this platform. Another great work by DiscoverChange was the face lift out our website which now looks professional and fit for purpose. Overall, DiscoverChange are highly professional in their dealings. They are passionate about their work with great attention to details. They have always worked to ensure that the solution provided fit your business needs. I also believe that their prices are highly competitive. I will recommend DiscoverChange if you are looking to transform your business digitally with process that works.”

Favour Bolaji

“I was introduced to Susanne last Summer. I was at a stage in my life where I knew I wanted to make some significant changes both personally and business wise. I started with the 'Personal Development Coaching Program for Self-Discovery & Fulfillment' programme one to one. I then progressed on to 'Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur' which I am currently in the process of doing. Suffice to say Susanne has encouraged me, inspired me, forced me out of my comfort zone and regularly given me a good metaphorical push! Her training is excellent, her communication style energetic and she is just generally amazing. Hand on heart, working with Susanne for the last 6 - 8 months has been life changing and I shall be forever grateful.”

Anne Wallis

“Over the past few months of working with Susanne and Ed at DiscoverChange, I've made more progress with regards to understanding my brand and how to help my ideal clients find me than I've made in the last 6 years I've been in business! Susanne makes the branding and marketing process not only simple but also fun and I've thoroughly enjoyed my meetings and calls with her. In my experience, working with a business coach can be a bit stressful but the DiscoverChange experience has been completely the opposite for me and has shown me a model of working with clients that I hope to emulate with my own. If you are feeling a bit "stuck" with regards to your business, I would recommend getting in touch with Susanne without delay: unsticking businesses is definitely her speciality!”

Caroline Bublik

“I signed a contract with DiscoverChange because I was struggling to get new clients. We began with an intensive half day session during which Susanne asked me everything about my business and through discussion led me to a clear map of my sales funnel; helped me clarify my product offer; priced up my service packages. Susanne and Edward helped me to create an effective marketing strategy, improved my website, created me a Facebook page and online training platform, set up a lead generation and 121 booking process, and even provided 121 support in my live workshops. They also helped to schedule professional and branded posts, and I got my first enquiry almost immediately. If you run a business by yourself and are struggling to get more customers, I would recommend DiscoverChange, Susanne and Edward. Great job guys, thank you!”

Ellen Mukwewa

“Susanne regularly delivers professional training workshops to the students of University of Wolverhampton. She covers areas of employability, confidence, teamwork, leadership and management. Prior to delivering the workshop Susanne carefully assesses the students’ needs to target her delivery appropriately. Having spent time in a number of workshops, it’s evident Susanne can work with any audience and can successfully lead the groups. Every year I receive excellent feedback from students who value Susanne’s training, thanking for this opportunity. Susanne is a social philanthropist, and I have no hesitation in recommending her training opportunities.”

Asia Alder

“Susanne’s workshop about taking my business to the next level was exhilarating and valuable. Before today I wasn’t sure how to use my video content but now I know how, where and why. The most useful for me was to write down what’s in it for my customers. From today I will stop procrastinating with making videos. Thank you Susanne, I would definitely recommend DiscoverChange workshops for other entrepreneurs.”

Mike Morris

“In my e-commerce business I train and mentor other leaders. I didn't know how to progress further to what I wanted it become. I approached Susanne because it felt like she could help me with the business development. I needed my professional emails, website, content, videos, and Susanne helped and pushed me to do these things. Susanne is very different from others - she's set weekly targets and helped to achieve them. We've kept contact every week and she's physically helped me to set all the processes up and made sure I'm okay with everything. All the things alien to me before, such as event promotion and Facebook advertising, I now use in my business. I definitely would recommend DiscoverChange for other businesses!”

Tuyyabah Amjid

“Susanne Virtanen has such passion to develop business leaders. She has the great gift of making the development of a business strategy fun and exciting in order to generate great self belief to explode our businesses - thank you so much for making such a difference.”

Lizzy Bernthal

“I attended Susanne's business workshop in Warwick yesterday and I can't recommend Susanne and her team enough. I learned so much from her and the guest speakers yesterday and simply too much to list. Susanne is such an authentic individual and is someone who genuinely cares about your business, your self development, and your success. I have always struggled with being confident online, concerning myself with how people perceive me rather than the message I'm trying to deliver. Personally, she helped me recognised that my limitations are are self imposed (and irrational) and that I'm the only one standing in front of my own success. If your a business leader I would highly recommend her workshop.”

Lee Roberts

What is DiscoverChange?

Business Development Consultancy

DiscoverChange workshops, consulting, and bespoke programs accelerate business change, innovation and development. Development helps businesses efficiently transform aspects of the organisation, with the aim to powerfully advance leadership and management and boost customer acquisition and satisfaction. Our team (Susanne, Nessa & Ed) are here to support leaders and businesses achieve their goals with ultimate efficiency and enjoyment!

What are some reasons that strategic business planning is important?

There are great benefits to planning, refining and scaling your business. Here are some reasons why it's essential:

  • Your revenue is directly dependent on how many people you help. By setting up the right strategy and leveraging the most meaningful marketing methods, the rewards are ready for you to reap.

  • When you notice you’ve had great ideas for months or years (or even decades), but hardly anything in your life has changed because of procrastinating, doubting or underestimating yourself.

  • In contrast, you may be working incredibly hard and doing everything and anything, with no or little actual rewards to show for it – ending up feeling overworked and frustrated.

  • Your business idea could be THE ONE that makes all the difference, but many business leaders are not clear about how to refine and showcase their services with confidence and clarity.

  • Despite their best efforts, many business owners struggle to grow their business because of not having the right processes, team or advertising strategy in place. So even when the product is excellent, growth can be very challenging or slow.

  • Many people invest unnecessary amounts of money on business processes and marketing that NEVER bring any customers or return on investment. Only meaningful processes should be planned for.

  • Despite offering great services and value, many entrepreneurs are not confident or have too much self-doubt, resulting in confusion about how to promote and sell to the right target market.

Satish Mehta Says:

“It’s been phenomenal to work with Ed and Susanne on developing my brand, platforms and online courses. With my accountancy background, I’ve learnt how to digitalise my knowledge and help others online.”

Learn Business on the Go

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